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It is already a settled practice in the Financial Industry that human advisors let automate small accounts and routine back-office tasks so that client engagement can be the main focus. But when it comes to planning your estate, Robo-Planning is a bad idea even for the simplest of estates. There is so much human emotion behind the dollars and cents that, sometimes, what makes most sense tax-wise, may not be what a parent really wishes for their child, or may be beyond what a child is able to handle.

It is always a good idea to have a specialist custom-draft your Will or Trust. But where the family dynamic is more complicated, not having the estate plan custom-drafted is simply irresponsible. Bitter litigation can result from strained relationships, substance abuse issues, situations where intended beneficiaries may be unable to successfully take on the management of finances, or when a second marriage is in place with sets of children from prior marriages. This can result in siblings never talking to each other again, which is certainly not what the parents wanted.

When the review of an existing Trust is put off for too long, and the provisions are outdated and no longer fit the family needs, it can become too late to update them if one or both Trust creators die. Or, if an estate plan is never set up, the heirs may end up embroiled in long and expensive probate that takes a big bite out of their inheritance.

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