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Peace of Mind - Where Estate Planning meets Post-Death Administration

Peace of Mind – is the feeling you get once the final signatures and notary stamps are placed on your living Trust, your Will, and your Powers of Attorney.

Planning for incapacity and death is a hard reality, but what is the alternative – regret, and Court process – with its high fees, delays, invasion of privacy, and complete lack of empathy.

Peace of Mind is the feeling of knowing that you’ve done the right thing by your family – you have lifted the burden of putting them in the impossible position to decide whether you wanted to be buried or cremated; whether you did or did not approve of termination of life support; and whether or not you wanted your organs donated.

Peace of mind is knowing that your wishes about what happens to your hard-earned assets, will be fulfilled and followed precisely when you die.

Peace of mind is what you get out of having a comprehensive estate plan, it is the cross-section where prudent and thorough estate planning meets post-death administration.

It also means PEACE for your family, knowing clearly what your wishes were, and being at peace with that. And, leaving behind family members that continue to get along, rather than try to destroy each other in probate court.

Yes, it does take an effort, and an expense to set up a comprehensive estate plan. But it is a small price to pay for yours and your family’s Peace of mind. It is a good feeling!