A Comprehensive Estate Plan – Best Value

A Comprehensive Estate Plan – Best Value

We believe that you should have the freedom to decide precisely which Estate Planning tools you need and want to buy. This gives you control of the price of your estate plan, and the freedom and ability to add to it as your circumstances change, and your family grows.

The most popular and best-valued Estate Planning Bundle consists of the following essential tools:

  • Revocable Living Trust with a General Grant and Assignment
  • Pour Over Will
  • Durable Power of Attorney For Financial Management
  • Health Care Directive with HIPAA Release Authority

In addition, we assist with funding your trust – a Trustee’s Certificate helps to transfer financial assets into your Trust, a Quitclaim Deed conveys your real estate into the Trust, and a Preliminary Change in Ownership Report (PCOR) prevents the County Assessor from reassessing your property taxes when you convey your home into your Trust.

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