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What is a Will?

A will is a legal document that describes how your property should be distributed upon your death, who should manage the administration process, and who should become the guardian of your minor children. However, a Will generally goes through Probate. Only a Living Trust keeps your property and your family out of Probate court. Probate can take many months and is very expensive. As such, your Estate plan should be designed to avoid Probate entirely. To do so, you will need to set up a Trust.

A living Trust provides for the administration of your assets during your life and on incapacity, and the distribution of your assets at death, entirely outside of Probate. In your living Trust, you will name a Trustee to take charge of your assets and make distributions pursuant to the terms of your Trust after you die.

Trusts are not “one size fits all,” and there is no such thing as “only a simple Trust.” Trusts can be structured in different ways to fit your specific family dynamic and your unique legacy goals. When you call the Law Offices of Maria N. Jonsson, PC, our Trust attorney can discuss your specific circumstances, and prepare a custom-designed Estate plan to fit your specific needs.

Helping You Protect What Matters Most

In order for your funds and assets to go to the following when you pass away:

  • Friends
  • Family members
  • Dependents
  • Certain organizations

You will need a Last Will and Testament (otherwise known as a Will). It is the most well-known estate planning document you can use to ensure the people and entities you care about will receive what they need and deserve. When you create a will, you are making the powerful decision to use the time you have today to prepare for the uncertainty of tomorrow.

At the Law Offices of Maria N. Jonsson, PC, we are backed by nearly two decades of experience helping clients create their wills and other critical estate planning devices.

To ensure your will is valid and legally binding, you must closely adhere to state law, and our well-reputed lawyer can help you navigate the complexities of California estate planning laws so you can achieve the peace of mind you deserve.

There is no time like the present to make sure your loved ones have what they need for years to come. Contact our Los Angeles lawyer online or call (310) 935-0706 to schedule your initial consultation today.

Creating a Will in California

No matter where you live in the United States, a Will is a document that gives specific instructions regarding the distribution of your Estate and the care of your dependents. State law, however, dictates the finer details, such as what procedures you will need to follow in order for your will to be legally binding.

A valid Will can designate the individuals and/or entities that will:

  • Receive your funds, assets, and other possessions
  • Manage and oversee the Estate Administration process (i.e. Will Executor)
  • Manage the Estate(s) of your children and other dependents (i.e. Financial Guardian)
  • Care for your children and other dependents (i.e. Personal Guardian)

Upon your death, a Probate Court will most likely need to assess the validity of your Will, and the Executor you appointed will conduct and oversee the administration of your Estate. In some cases, Probate will not be necessary (such as with non-Probate Transfers or Small Estate Affidavits), but a Will is a critical component of your Estate Plan whether or not your Estate goes through probate.

The Consequences of Dying Without a Will

If you die Intestate (i.e. without a Will), or you created a Will but the Court renders it invalid, the Probate process may become much more complicated. Additionally, the Court will distribute your Estate according to California’s Intestate Succession Law. In other words, your preference regarding who receives what asset will no longer matter.

In general, a thorough and valid Will can greatly reduce the stress your loved ones experience after your passing. Taking the time today to consult with our attorney and make these difficult decisions can save time, money, and unnecessary stress for your friends and family members.

Customizing Your Estate Plan

Are you interested in minimizing Estate Taxes, potentially avoiding Probate, and accomplishing other goals that a will cannot address? You may benefit from a Trust, and our lawyer can help determine which type of trust is right for your situation. Our attorney can also assist you with other Estate Planning documents, such as Powers of Attorney, Advance Healthcare Directives, and more.

Call (310) 935-0706 or contact us online to get started on this critical Estate Planning document as soon as possible. We look forward to helping you protect what matters most.

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