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Do Trust Beneficiaries Have Any Rights?

Learn About The Rights of Beneficiaries in California

Yes, trust beneficiaries have rights. The California probate code provides trust and estate beneficiaries with many rights, as well as many opportunities to assert their rights in court against the trustee of a trust or executor of a will. The most fundamental entitlement of trust or estate beneficiaries is that of accounting and information, which includes being provided with a copy of the will, or the trust and its amendments, of the assets comprising the estate/trust and their values and of the estate/trust debts and liabilities.

What If a Trustee Does Not Uphold His or Her Duties to a Beneficiary?

A beneficiary can file a petition in court to bring the trustee in front of the judge and compel information, accounting, and explanation for the trustee’s actions (or lack thereof). A beneficiary has the right to hold a trustee accountable in court for breach of any of the trustee’s many duties. A beneficiary also has the right to have a trustee removed and replaced in order to ensure the testator’s testamentary intent is followed through and the administration process is timely carried out.

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