While law offices may not be classified as an “essential business” that remains open for in-person meetings, having a Health Care Directive, and attending to your Will, Living Trust and Power of Attorney, are quite essential during these trying times.

From our Home Office to the safety of your Home - we deliver live remote services related to Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney, and Probate.

We offer complimentary consultations followed by swift preparation, comprehensive phone review, and electronic delivery of documents, and instructions on remote execution of these documents for immediate use.

It has never been easier to SCHEDULE A CONSULTATION, and put your affairs in order, which brings calm in a world filled with uncertainty.

Access the ON-LINE ORGANIZER TOOL to start the process; or Call us at (310) 935-0706 to speak with a live Assistant and book your time with the Attorney. We look forward to serving you.

Pet Trusts and Pet Care Provisions

Consider including pet care provisions in your estate plan – set aside sufficient funds to be put in carefully selected hands to take care of your service or companion animals. If you own a horse, or an animal with long life expectancy, you may need more sophisticated planning, including a stand-alone pet trust. Or, if you don’t have someone you can rely on to take in and care for your pets, consider including in your estate plan an organization that would be able to board and care for your animals.