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Where Is Your Advance Health Care Directive?

Where Is Your Advance Health Care Directive?

In these uncertain times when life as we know it has come to a sudden halt in an effort to slow down the beast known as COVID-19, the most relevant legal document is your Advance Health Care Directive.

This document names the people who can make medical decisions for you (including termination of life support) in the event you become unconscious, incapacitated, heavily medicated, or lapse in a coma. They are your Health Care Agent(s) (or Proxy).

If you have an Advance Health Care Directive, be sure to locate it now, look through it, and verify that the people you named as Agents are still around. Consider their age and their proximity to you, mindful of the travel restrictions currently in place. If your Advance Health Care Directive needs to be updated – do it sooner than later. You would be wise to urge your friends and family to do the same.

Although generally Advance Health Care Directives can be (and are) notarized, they can also be validly executed by being witnessed. If you don’t have a Health Care Directive, or if you wish to revise an outdated document, call our Office – we are here to help.

We offer a free Phone Consultation, and can prepare this important document for you, deliver it electronically, and walk you through having it properly executed.