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  • We take the time to understand your specific family dynamic – the prism through which each case becomes very unique.
  • With every case we look to identify your most important objective and then find and implement a practical solution to reach your goal.
  • We return calls and emails promptly. You can talk to us – and we explain complex legal concepts in plain English.
  • We value your time and your commitments. We know you are busy managing a busy work-life schedule, and we offer house-calls and weekend appointments avoiding mid-week disruptions to your day.
  • We anticipate worst-case scenarios and offer preventative planning advice while keeping you within your budget. However, where the need arises, we have a wide network of highly esteemed legal partners specializing in relevant areas of law that we can confidently refer you to.
  • We invite you to connect with us and learn more about what we can do for you.


Educating on the essence of estate planning is Priority One. It is imperative for an individual to be able to make informed decisions about matters as important as who may make medical decisions for you (if you are incapacitated); who may sign instead of you (as your Power of Attorney Agent), who will take care of your minor children (if you die), or how will your assets get distributed after you are deceased. Information is power – and when it comes to estate planning, there is no “do over” after one is deceased. For this reason, it is even more important to know how estate planning relates to you, your family, and those who depend on you, so that you and your family can avoid the ultimate cost – Regret!

Estate planning issues arise following the death or incapacity of a family member, divorce, marriage, birth of a child, or receiving inheritance, to name a few. It concerns virtually everyone at some point in their life.

Smart Estate Planning generally results in an expeditious, cost-efficient and conflict-free post-death administration. A custom-designed estate plan brings peace of mind, and is the responsible thing to do for those who depend on you. We identify your most important objectives, and implement practical solutions to reach your legacy goals.

Dedicated exclusively to Pre-death planning: wills, living trusts, powers of attorney for financial management or health care, prenuptial and cohabitation agreements; and Post-death administration: probate, trust administration, beneficiary, trustee and executor representation, and small estate administration. We bring a decade and a half of experience representing Trustees, Executors or Beneficiaries; navigating the probate court process, modifying irrevocable trusts, working with Banks, Brokerage firms, Insurance Companies, Retirement plan administrators, Oil and Mineral Rights administrators, County Assessor’s Offices, the Bureau of Public Debt (related to bond certificates), Escrow and Title companies, etc., to pass on your assets and legacy to your desired beneficiaries. Whether you are setting up a new estate plan, updating an existing one, or administering a trust or estate after the death of a loved one – each administration is unique, and we strive to bring it to completion in the most expeditious and cost-sensitive manner.

Maria N. Jonsson, Esq.’s Memberships:

  • State Bar of California, Member of the Trusts & Estates Section
  • Los Angeles Bar Association
  • Santa Monica Bar Association
  • ProVisors



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